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L.K. Machinery Produces World-Class Machines at a Price Within Your Reach.

Modernize your production line with die casting and CNC machines that push your OEE to world class levels. For over fifteen years, L.K. Machinery has helped North American manufacturing flourish with machines that are more stable and more efficient at a fraction of the competition’s price. Our people, our parts, and our preparation are what makes an L.K. an incredible advantage.





L.K. Machinery has put machines and plant solutions in place for clients of all sizes. Our staff is always ready to help you find the best deal. Call or email us today for more information.

Helping North American Companies Compete Globally

At L.K. Machinery, we produce Cold Chamber (Al, Mg) machines, ranging from 12 to 4,500 tons and Hot Chamber (Zn & Mg) machines, ranging from 8 to 400 tons. Our CNC machines have belt and direct-drive spindles with speeds from 8,000 to 20,000 rpm.

Since May of 2006, LK USA has been creating a growing presence in North America. Our goal is to help North American casting companies better compete globally by offering the best value in Die Casting and CNC machinery.

In 2013, we relocated to our Holland, Michigan site, which consists of an office area and a 7,500 square foot warehouse where we will be housing an inventory of spare parts for our CNC, Die Casting and Trim Press machinery. We also have plans to expand the office area by an additional 850 square feet.

Quality Customer Service

All of this is to ensure that we have the highest quality production and customer service.  Our customer support consists of three elements: People, Spare Parts, and Preparation.

People are the best front-line support we offer. Our highly-experienced service staff specializes in die casting process requirements, machine repair, maintenance and operation. In conjunction, we provide a spare parts list for each machine, consisting of the most common components. And in case of an unexpected issue, we maintain an inventory of those few parts that may not be readily available. such as nozzles and nozzle heaters for hot chamber machines, cylinder seal packs for all sizes of cylinders used on our machines and electronic control cards essential to the machine’s operation. We also do our best to make sure that the machine user has the best possible preparation before using the product, offering in-depth training, covering both the operation and maintenance of the machine.

We are happy to arrange visits from our customers to the ACT Center as well, allowing you to see our machines and die casting process firsthand. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to see one of our machines in action, as you consider acquiring our CNC and Die Casting machines.

World-Class Research & Engineering

Alongside our customer service, our 300+ engineers pride themselves in researching and developing the latest die casting technology available. L. K.’s comprehensive engineering R&D capabilities include special die casting, injection molding, automated control and material technology, and more. We also integrate various advanced technologies, such as real time control for die casting and injection molding, new material magnesium alloy die casting and low-pressure die casting technology.

It would be our pleasure to build one of our latest machines for you. We understand that purchasing a large piece of equipment like ours is an investment that must be made wisely.  However, we believe that with our customer service and advanced technology, we can provide you with the confidence to choose L.K. Machinery to build your new CNC and Die Casting machines.