About Us

About Us

L.K. is short for “Ling King.” In Chinese, “Ling” refers to the concept of shamanic power or refers to something that has spiritual/magical powers. Hence, Ling King or Powerful King represents the nature of our company and our products.

L.K. Machinery Company Limited was founded as a small machinery workshop in 1979 by Mr. S. S. Liu. The company has only continued to grow throughout the years, having produced over 35,000 machines to date.

Since 1983, our parent company, L.K. Technology Holding Ltd., has been a global leader in the designing and manufacturing of precision die casting and injection molding machines. L.K. was the first local manufacturer to launch magnesium die casting machines in the People’s Republic of China. In keeping with the globalization trend, L.K. Group has set its sight firmly on international markets. During the past decade, it has expanded internationally, setting up offices worldwide.

We employ over 300 engineers, which support our existing customers and are also responsible to design three to five new machines each year. These new machines always incorporate the latest technologies, enabling our customers to better compete globally.

Meanwhile, we continue to expand worldwide. Since May of 2006, LK USA has been creating a growing presence in the USA. In 2013 we opened our Holland, MI offices. This was followed by the opening of our Tool & Die Center in Edinburgh, Indiana in 2014, as well as our ACT Center in 2015. In 2018, we moved the LK USA corporate offices to our ATC Center in Edinburgh, IN.

We encourage you to visit our ACT Center to see one of our die casting and CNC machines in process. We have found this is a valuable resource for our customers to see the quality of our equipment and technology when purchasing a new machine. The ACT Center is one of our new editions that we’re most excited about. We hope to have you come out soon for a visit and demonstration.

Customer Comments

Huf North America

When asked how their new 200 ton Hot Chamber die casting machine was running? Volker Kemmann, Process Engineering & Die Cast Manager of Huf North America replied, “Nicely – including the attached automation. Tell your team that I really appreciated their support.”

Quick Cable Corp.

We purchased an L.K. QDCC-160 cold chamber machine and have been running it for over a year now. The machine has met or exceeded all of our expectations.