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The Most Important Advancements in Die Casting Technology During the Last 50 Years

There are those touting massive die casting technology advances that can defy logic. The fact is, modern die casting machines fundamentally perform the same tasks as those of 50–60 years ago.

In many cases, the technological bells and whistles that are being advertised can simply get in the way and ultimately may cause more issues than they resolve.

Truth be known, faddish advances in die casting technology over recent decades have been just that: a fad. Here’s why.

What Companies Want From a Die Casting Machine

When companies consider a new die casting machine, they mainly are looking for three straightforward things.

  1. They want a machine that is dependable. The machine should run when required.
  2. They want a die cast machine that is not complicated. Operating a die casting machine shouldn’t take an engineering degree.
  3. It must do the same thing over and over. Die casting machines must do repetitive processes reliably.

That’s it. It is neither rocket science nor computer science. Run when needed, be simple to operate, do the same thing over again.

That’s not to say improvements to the fundamentals can’t be made. They can and they are being made.

For example, the die casting process has an optimal fill time of about 50 milliseconds. Die casting technology that is designed to help achieve this optimal fill time as often as possible makes sense and the L.K. Smart Injection System is designed to do just that. It monitors fill times and automatically adjusts velocity until it achieves that 50-millisecond sweet spot.

Our Smart Injection System is a die casting technology that focuses on improving the “essence” of die casting, rather than adding extraneous features that don’t have a measurable impact at the end of the day.

Technology That Produces Value Through Optimization

While many can get dazzled with die casting technology, the key to efficiency and consistency when it comes to die cast machines is optimization. Simply put, optimization is getting the most out of a machine while maintaining product integrity.

Features that contribute to optimizing the following aspects matter since they let operators do more of the same, more often, with less.

  • Cycle time increases – Technological advances, such as greater pumping capacity, that help die casting machines run faster and more efficiently make them more profitable. Some modern die casting machines, for example, can produce parts in just four days that older machines take five days to complete. That’s “technology” that adds to the bottom line.
  • Improved maintenance – Die casting technology that results in less maintenance is valuable because it means less downtime and greater productivity — again contributing to the bottom line.
  • Improved energy efficiency – This is an area where technology can make a significant difference to the operational costs of running a die casting machine. For example, L.K. has developed energy-saving features that cut power to our machines’ motors so they run only when there is a need for hydraulic power. If an existing machine isn’t cycling 100% of the time, the cost reductions can be significant.

Choosing Die Casting Technology That Really Matters

While others focus on bells and whistles, our goal at L.K. Machinery has always been to improve the fundamentals of die casting. We make efforts to increase consistency, reliability, capacity, and energy efficiency while minimizing maintenance. In terms of die casting technology, these are truly the most important advances of the past 50 years.

When you choose die casting machines from L.K. Machinery, you acquire die cast technology from a company that has helped manufacturing clients worldwide transform their businesses for the better since 1983.

With U.S. offices located in Holland, Mich., the advantage provided by L.K. Machinery is now within reach of U.S. manufacturers.

Secure the future of your business by being proactive in your capital equipment acquisitions. Choose equipment that can improve productivity and minimize waste. Step beyond the day-to-day operational needs of your company and choose die casting technology from L.K. Machinery. To learn more about what we have to offer, please contact us today by requesting a quote.

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