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L.K. is short for “Ling King.” In Chinese, “Ling” refers to the concept of shamanic power or refers to something that has spiritual/magical powers. Hence, Ling King or Powerful King represents the nature of our company and our products.

L.K. Machinery Company Limited was founded as a small machinery workshop in 1979 by Mr. S. S. Liu. The company has grown every year since. Today, our manufacturing consists of several large factories in China, employing 3,000+ employees.

We employ over 300 engineers, which support our existing customers and are also responsible to design three to five new machines each year. These new machines always incorporate the latest technologies, enabling our customers to better compete globally.

L.K. Machinery has produced over 35,000+ machines since 1979. The products produced by our machines are in many popular consumer products such as home appliances, lawn and garden tools and automobile components.

The total number of machines in operation is over 100 machines.

We manufacture over 1,500 die casting machines annually. Our product line includes machines from 50 to 4,500 tons. The fastest growing segment is machinery above 1,500 tons.

We produce Cold Chamber (Al, Mg) machines, ranging from 12 to 4,500 tons and Hot Chamber (Zn & Mg) machines, ranging from 8 to 400 tons, Our CNC machines have belt and direct-drive spindles with speeds from 8,000 to 20,000 rpm.

Our support is based upon these three elements:


  • Our highly experienced service staff specializes in die casting process requirements, machine repair, maintenance and operation. In addition, we often assist in optimizing criteria for machine selection.

Spare Parts

  • Our machines use off-the-shelf components available throughout the US, thereby avoiding lengthy delivery times.
  • We provide a spare parts list for each machine consisting of the most common components and maintain inventory of those few parts that may not be readily available such as nozzles and nozzle heaters for hot chamber machines, cylinder seal packs for all sizes of cylinders used on our machines and electronic control cards essential to the machine’s operation.


  • We offer in-depth training covering both the operation and maintenance of the machine.

We would be happy to arrange a visit to one of our customers, allowing you to see our machine firsthand. A growing number of customers have discovered that it does not take huge sums of money to acquire brand new CNC machines and Die Casting machines—a machine that is free from reoccurring breakdowns.